You all are CHAMPIONS!


No rain no happiness. Where is Light here is only darkness? On bed without rest. Work-shy or mood swings or doleful all the time. Yes, after twelve years when you have to decide your career you go through this miserable phase of life.
Entry tests back to back.Result’s alerts.From form filling to Lists checking. You feel so low and incapable of doing anything. Start blaming yourself and your family for this depression.
Here is the letter from a motivational Speaker for all the students who are ready to begin their journey.

Dear Professionalist to be,
I know this time is very hard and you only consider it as a misery. But dear young fellows, comparing it with sadness is wastage of time. This is really not a misfortune. This is blessing in disguise. This period is so powerful but you have not realised yet. This time is going to make you SOMETHING from NOTHING. This period will give you your identity, this period will draw your picture on this world’s stage.
Stop worrying and utilise your time in making hard-work. Erase these If-s and But-s from your story. Trust me, Hard-work never fades, what if you do not find a seat you always wanted to have this is so possible that the seat you always wanted never deserves you because you were born for some surprising tasks. Tasks that would frame your name in history.
Let me tell you youngsters!  No degree is worth-less. Its just you who make or brake things. I see doctor full of negativity but I see BBA Student earning 90k in Engro right after her graduation. Positive protons inside you, play a very important role. Kindly, do not let yourself surrounded by losers who think only doctors and engineers could do work wonders. For doing amazing on this mother Earth you do not need to be born-genius or rich. YOU ONLY NEED TO BE POSITIVE AND PASSIONATE. Be a startlingly balloon. You are capable enough to make yourself a millionaire or a champion or an inspiring star that world will follow.
What if you are fixed in to the field you never think off. Life is full of surprises,no surprise is good or bad its you dear human who control these surprises. Your way should be good enough to welcome these wonders so that the unexpected surprise become the most awesomely expected one.
There would be no effect on medicine department if you wont become doctor but there will be one super effect on the architecture department if you would join it because you are capable of doing work wonders. (fit your story in this example and imagine you capabilities)
Whatever you are doing just be the best. Be the champion.Be the fighter,who fights for himself, for his people, for this freaking mother Earth. Be that positive proton who has ability to inspire people. And you know what? You can do this because you were born to make yourself an individual who will fillip this world!
Negative electrons are no doubt everywhere around you. Even sometimes your loved one becomes one of them. But its your duty to do not compare your life with others. Do not complain or make debates with losers to prove yourself right instead smile and let your work proves your worth and your work will definitely make you winner if you will stay firm and strenuous. 
You are all champions!Just trust yourself, work harder and harder and have faith on All Almighty Allah.“Man can have nothing but what he strives for; And that his effort is going to be seen” [From Quran 59:39-40]
Having depression is normal but whenever you feel like this stupid sadness covering you just pray. Pray to the One,who referred you in the Glorious Quran,”And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near ; I answer the prayers of the suppliant when he calls on Me,so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way”


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