Uri attack and it’s aftermath


On September 18, 2016 four heavily armed terrorists attacked near the town of Uri in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. After Pathankot air base attack it is the second most moving attack on the soil of Kashmir; against Indian Armed Forces. As a result of Uri attack 18 Indian soldiers were killed in combat. This attack took place when the valley of Kashmir was under the disposal of Indian Army, 2 months long curfew was being observed, and approximately 40,000 to 60,000 Indian troops were present in valley.

In the aftermath of attack one of the absurd reactions which came from India was the blame of Uri attack on Pakistan. Moreover, along with this baseless accusation India also threatened to go war against Pakistan. Even after being aware of the fact that Pakistan’s military arsenals are more reliable and effective than India’s and that Pakistan has the 11th biggest army in the world, they still didn’t bothered to think about the civilian-life loss. Despite the facts and figures, New Delhi still stood firm on their accusations while Islamabad continuously denies all of them. Last time, when Pathankot incident took place Pakistan’s officials asked India to provide evidence of ISI-involvement in attack and this time too Pakistan asked for the evidences and proofs from Indian Forces But regardless of this cooperation India never presented any attestations. With such irresponsible behavior India still wants World to believe that Pakistan is the root cause of terrorism in state.

Well, the thing of concern is that this unrest took place when the Valley of Kashmir is under continuous curfew and wrath of Indian Army and Violation of human rights was sky high. The time, when Prime Minister of Pakistan- Mr. Nawaz Shareef was present in New York to address the United Nation General Assembly over the issue of Indian illegal occupation and violation in Kashmir. The time, when talks about RAW and BRP chief Brahamdagh Bugti were in air. And all these concerns suddenly vanished when Uri attack took place.

Barahamdagh Bugti is the head of BRA – Blochistan Republican Army and BRP-Balochistan Republican Party. Mr. Bugti is one of the most wanted criminals in Pakistan. Currently he’s present in Switzerland and is desperately seeking asylum in India. He along with his other Party members, who are in exile run their terrorist rings from Geneva and other specific countries. While Pakistani security agencies are preparing dossiers to get a Red Warrant to catch him through Interpol, Indian Government and agencies are trying their best to grant him asylum. Brahamdagh Bugti is one of those criminals who are trying to create chaos and turmoil on the land of Balochistan. He’s aiding and abetting terrorism in Pakistan through his contacts in Afghanistan and India.

In all these disputes and quarrels among both Countries somehow a nuclear conflict has been generated.  A conflict whose mere glimpse we observed about 71 years ago. The world out there and even people over here are well aware of the fact that, WAR will never bring peace to anyone. Instead those generations who are coming after us will have to pay for our oversights. Pakistan and India both need to take this war to table of negotiation. Being a civilized, sovereign nation Pakistan must do whatever that she can do in her power and without humiliation to STOP THIS WAR. Someone said it right that “One can change it’s enemies but not his neighbors!” We need to give this saying a deep productive thought.

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