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A girl,who was mistreated by her husband sharing her  story with mahnur.s.stories.
Her husband refused to take the responsibility
of their son. A young girl was left all alone with
14 days old baby.
Her life is inspiration for all the girls out there .

Q-Tell us about your education and when did you get marry?
ANS-I did my matriculation from KRL model college. I belong to an army family that’s why I had to travel and studied in different schools. Done my BCA from Fatima Jinnah university and for that I had to travel one and a half hour everyday as I used to live far away from my university. But life was good.

Q- Why your parents were happy with that proposal?
ANSI got married in 2008 to my cousin.Parents were happy as he was my cousin. my engagement lasted 2 and a half years. During that time my parents sensed that something is not right with my proposal. But due to family pressures we had to stay quiet and then that marriage happened After getting married I went to Karachi. I had so many dreams and wishes but right after I landed, there was totally a different side of the picture. Nothing was like the way I expected and imagined.It seemed that my husband was not ready to receive me in his house

Q-How was the experience living in Karachi a totally new place for you with someone who was not mature enough?

ANS-I felt like I have burdened him. I tried my best to draw his attention to our married life but nothing worked. After few month,s I noticed that he does not go for work. They initially told us that he is part of their family business. But he did not go anywhere for the business work. The other thing that bothered me that he never gave me money for even my basic necessities, never even asked me about my needs.

Q- What do you think why your ex-husband used to torture you?
ANS-He never tortured me physically but he had a different way of disturbing me. He used to stay up all night watching movies and used to sleep all day long. Allah blessed us with the baby boy. Even at that time he was more interested in how much money he gave to the hospital. My mother came to Karachi for my delivery she was heartbroken after watching all this but she stayed quiet as the time was very sensitive to talk about the issues she observed. My son was just 14 days old when we finally flew to Islamabad. That was the time when I was parted from my husband for the first time. Then I realised that I am not living a normal married life

 Q-How was the life after coming back to your parental house?

ANS-Days started passing my marriage was falling apart. Two years of living together and then a long time separation. During That separation I found a reasonable job for myself (teaching) my son grew older and the time came when I asked my husband to send me fees for our child as I was not divorced and I thought that its my son’s right. But he said that you are living with your father so ask him to pay his fees.That was the time when my parents and I decided to ask him for divorce. Because he never wanted to take our responsibility. My son was living father-less life.

Q-How long your first marriage lasted?
ANS-My marriage lasted for 5 years. But in those 5 years I spent only 2 years with my husband. My divorce finally happened in 2013.

Q-How was your life after divorce?

ANS-After my divorce life was going on with few ups and downs. I was doing my job Ayan (my son) was studying in the same school. Days were passing one fine day,Shahid contacted me as a complete stranger, through a matrimonial website.I found him really humble and we started talking. Shahid proposed me after 3 days.I asked my mother to talk to him. Shahid talked to my parents and they really liked him. Reason behind liking him was he told us that he is going to accept Ayan (my son) as his own son and will take the full responsibility.After one month Shahid came to Pakistan from London to meet us. We really liked him and then my parents took the final decision. We got married in April 2016 and Alhamdulillah I am more than happy now. He has not only made me happy but accepted my son as well and has taken his full responsibility.

Q-What do you think what was your mistake in this mishap?
ANS-My mistake was that I expected too much. I was quite young when I got married for the first time. I had so many dreams and expectations I was really not prepared for all the mishap that happened. I was not mentally strong for this kind of result. The reason this accident disturbed me a lot. I was life-less for so long.

 Q- What message you want to give to all the girls?
ANS-My message to all the girls is to expect less whether its your family,husband or friends. We need to expect nothing from people around us. And seek help from Allah only. Humans only exploit your weakness but Allah is the one who takes us out of all the hardships we face.

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