2017 And Powerful You!


She is sitting in her balcony.Clicking her transparent plastic blue pen. Warmly dressed wearing her cape shawl which protects her from the cold wind of Decembers’ last day! Mother Earth is still covered with same sun shine, clouds are same in color and haven’t changed their ways of crying in ill-lit or on joyous evenings.

Yellowish-greyish- sky still fears her when she tries to focus on its wideness. Moon is still round moon. Everything is same. Every fluid flowing in the very same motion,then why people celebrating newness everywhere. Who said there would be NEW WORLD tomorrow? How this world could change when we are old in attitude, just like past years.

God is merciful, Indeed He’s a Magician but He created men and blessed him with something glorious -BRAIN n HEART- and their wisdom.
Nothing Will change, 2017 isn’t power full enough that it changes the world, the universe, the US! No one can change man unless he tries. Find himself determinant. Follow the way which is against his will. Only when he reshapes himself, the world and wind seem different to him. They said ”God help those who help themselves” Then why not they themselves try to bring change rather waiting for a new year?
At every 31st December, people say that next year country will prosper. Oh puppet of clay! Blood is like a water, no justice no peace, no trust, no patriotism. How will country prosper H.O.W?

We are so called good-practising people. People who hardly raise their voice when observe some injustice. For good people like us God will never send some helping creatures. We are the ones who caused this toxic pollution now it is upon us to clean and clear our land. Nothing will change,never will change if WE will not melt. Your ego, huge houses rather palaces, noisy cars, lavish dinners n parties,fake praises and personalities,expensive gifts and everything will be demolished ONE DAY Everything Will be Ruined!
Do not celebrate! Just tear the glamorous,shimmery and shiny masks you are wearing. Only then 2017 will be new for you for US. Bring a positiveness, kindness in your answers n attitude. Try to be God’s favourite rather being the man’s favourite.
Be yourself, listen to your heart as The Glorious God lives here.

And here cloud starts crying, she put down her pen and breathe deep.


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