69 Years Old Inspirational Zareena Aunty Sharing Her Story


Tell us about yourself and your family?
Ans- I am 69 years old. I have been working since 60 years, this means when I was 9 years old my father died and I had to help my mother as our life was so difficult. I got married when I was 14. My husband,who was a labour,was very caring and happy man. Soon after couple of happy years my husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. His illness made him all weak and he could not go for work. I was all alone with my 6 daughters and two sons. My daughters along with me started working, whatever we earned we spent on him. I took exact 3 lac loan from friends and relatives for my husband’s treatment. But 10 years ago, my husband died. Now I myself is Hepatitis C patient but I have to work because my youngest daughter is paralysed and for her treatment I have to leave house and go for work everyday.

What kind of work you do and how much you earn monthly?
Ans- I go to different houses for work. I used to be sweeper but nowadays because of my health my main work is dish-washing and cloth-washing.  I earn 12,000 monthly, in which I have to spare for my daughters treatment, my medicines and kitchen ration (that hardly fulfilled)

Are you the only one who earns?
Ans-All my elder daughters are married. My eldest son is also suffering from hepatitis C, due to which he can hardly go for work. He is electrician, whenever he feels good he goes for work and bring 100 or 200 per day. So, yes I am the only one who earns. My youngest son has recently passed 10th grade and now he is also learning the electricity work.

What is your biggest worry?
Ans-My biggest worry is loan that I have taken for my husbands treatment. It was 3 lac, out of this I have paid 80,000 but still left with 2 lac and 20,000. My nights are sleepless. All the relatives and friends keep asking me for the payment but I have no extra money that I can save. I fear what if I died before giving their payments, I fear for my paralysed daughter.

With all these countless worries how you manage to smile?
Ans-I have faith in Allah. I have never done wrong to someone intentionally or unintentionally, the reason I know my Allah will never leave me alone. He will surely help me. I offer five times prayer I have faith Allah will help me.

If someone wants to help you, What type of help you want?
Ans-If anyone wants to help me and my family, then I don’t want anything for my children or for myself. I only want to payback my debts. If someone can help me in this, trust me I will pray for them every single day and night.

Have you ever received any government’s help?
Never! Though when my husband died, there is Khan in our area he gave me ration card. With that card I was able to bought ration per month. But when Khan saw my elder son,he took back ration card. Many people told him Zareena’s son is ill and is jobless but he didn’t return back neither I asked him for help again. I know Allah will never leave me alone.

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