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Nayab Imtiaz is psychologist to be. She writes very professionally and this year she will be coming up with her own book. Here, Nayab sharing her story with us! Q- What is the element in your personality that makes you a good writer?
Ans- Life taught me to always use a balanced approach (learnt it the hard way). I don’t say I have much stability in my life, but I am getting there. I try to keep a balanced point of view and try to consider both sides of the coin. Nothing in this world, I believe is black and white; everything has so many dimensions and can be interpreted in millions of ways. I like to wrap my writings in mystery and symbolism, so people can give it their own meaning, something that is special to them.  Something the can relate with and cherish.

Q- Why do you write and since when you are writing?

Ans-I’ve always been good with words. I never was much of a speaker. I’ve been writing since age 12, I used to write short stories but I didn’t realize it was a talent back then. I used to write my own versions of childhood tales. By age 16 I realize writing is what I like to do. At 20 it became my passion and I started writing on more complex topics and social issues and my writings became more refined and mature with a touch of wit. My friends say I am good with satire.

Q-How do you frame this ‘writers see the world differently”

Ans-They so do! Writers are observant; they have a strong sense of reality and when the real world collides with their own version of reality and that of what should be, magic happens. And this magic creates powerful stuff and takes you places.

Q-What kind of topics trigger your pen?

Ans-There isn’t a specific ‘’trigger,’’ I am led by strong emotions. It just comes to me; I can’t write a single word when someone tells me to, it has to come on its own. I usually write on stereotypes, taboos and discrimination (gender/religion/race). I believe in promoting peace and tolerance and standing up for humanity as a whole.

Q-Is writer capable of bringing change in society?

Ans-Of course! A powerful piece of writing can turn hearts, but the condition is to have a right focus. Not everything is worth writing. Write what means something to you. Write your heart out. What come through heart touches hearts.

Q-Why you have chosen psychology as your professional field?

Ans-I’ve always been interested in studying psychology. Mental health is still stigmatised and consulting a mental health professional, a taboo. I personally faced it. Every day is a struggle. I want to help people, because I realise how hard it is to live with a mental health issues without any support. Choosing this field was the best thing that ever happened to me and I really hope I am able to do something for people who are going through similar struggles. I want someone to look at me and say, ‘’because of you I didn’t give up.’’ I want to be that person – the one who pick people up and be there guiding light when they are blinded by their own demons.

Q-Where do you share your write ups?

Ans-I have got my work published on various blogs like Mangobaaz and SelfProjections but I have a Facebook page where I share all my writings.

Q-When will you publish your work officially?

Ans-I’ve been working on my first book since a year now and it was a struggle, but I am happy with what I have done so far. This book is of so much importance for me and I want it to be flawless and I am hoping it to come out by the end of year 2017.

Q-As a citizen of Pakistan, What do you think where we are lacking?

Ans-We are lacking at so many people, but mostly lack tolerance. Be it gender related, religion, or even race related. We are not accepting towards others. I always face a backlash and hate comments the moment I talk about Indo-Pak peace or women rights. Being a peace activist and a feminist I feel it my responsibility to find a common ground, leaving behind the barriers of politics and religion.

Q- A message to the youngsters out there?

Ans-Our youth has so much potential, they just lack direction. A few find their passion and are actually able to implement it. I would just say, life is hard and it keeps getting harder, you just have to learn to cope with it. People say adulthood is easy and relaxing, let me tell you, this is a trap. I repeat; this is a trap. Not to scare the young people out there, but our youngsters need to be aware of the realities of this world. The most bitter pill to swallow is the fact that you’re on your own in the end, no matter how much people tell you they’re be there, they always end up leaving, either by choice or by fate. When that happens, just be prepared.

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