Young Jewellery Designer From Karachi Pakistan Sharing Her Story


Q-Tell us about your online shop and when did you start?
Ans- I am running this online shop with the name RS-collection. I am a jewellery designer from Karachi, I started this online business from September 2016. I am really happy because I have received very amazing response from my customer

Q-What kind of jewellery you design?
Ans- I work on different kinds of jewellery for example,dori jewellery,wire jewellery,dough jewellery. My customers have liked all these type
Q-Who is your biggest support in this whole journey?

Ans- In this competition full life, I see my mother as my inspiration and she is my biggest support syste
Q-Any memorable incident happened in this journey?
Ans- Yes, I gifted my collection to Nimra Khan and Hira Mani and both of them really liked the gift and shared pictures and videos of my collection with their followers on Instagram. This kind of appreciation means a lo
Q-What do you think on the scale of achievement where you are standing?
Ans- I am beginner, but I believe if I will work with passion I will definitely achieve my goal

Q-Your message to the young people with jewellery making talent?

Ans- Allah has blessed all of us with talent. All we need to do is to use that talent in a positive way. Trust me, when someone likes my work and appreciates my effort, I feel like super happy and proud of myself. Use your skills and Allah help those who help themselves. Trust yourself and have faith, one day you will shine with success. InshaAllah!

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