Remarkable Pakistani writer Mohsin Habib sharing his views


Mohsin Habib, amazingly talented writer from New York wants to bring change with his word power. Mohsin Habib says, ”I believe that when we have an opportunity/platform to generate waves of hope, courage and inspiration, we should do so whether it is through our words or actions.”

Q- Why do you write and since when you are writing?

Ans-I have been writing for a year now, and I find solace in expressing my inner feelings. Social media is an effective tool in bringing change these days as it is popular platform for expressing oneself. Words are a powerful tool in motivation, and if we motivate and uplift someone in a personal way, it implies change because change begins with one person passing on the torch of courage and hope to another person and so on. I believe that when we have an opportunity/platform to generate waves of hope, courage and inspiration, we should do so whether it is through our words or actions. More importantly, I do not believe in being silent when I see an injustice unfolding in front of me and when we stand up to it, that gives people hope in humanity and themselves, and ultimately the willpower to stand up for what they believe in.

Q-How do you frame this ‘you need a certain amount of nerve to be a writer”?

Ans-There is a lot of criticism, positive and negative on everything we do. It does take a certain nerve and patience to deal with being a writer because there are touchy subjects and some people can take it as an attack on their beliefs. Topics like sexual abuse, religiously conservative ideology, body shaming, feminism and discrimination are always bound to stir conversation. I myself have taken criticism over my poetry and writings because people don’t always understand your perspective or either believe in an open yet respectful exchange of ideas but with time anyone can develop a nerve as a writer because like art words are a matter of our inner perception as well and when you truly believe in something, you stand by it.

Q-What kind of topics set off your pen?

Ans-Any sort of injustice inspires me to write and express myself so I can uplift others in doing their part when they see an injustice themselves, and sadly, not only injustice but indifference is prevalent in this era. The victims are forgotten and the tragedy becomes a hash tag. I have written on period shaming, cyber bullying, sexual abuse and harassment, radicalism and sexism, we tend not to discuss these or write on such topics because of the backlash we might face for bringing these up or be afraid to be labelled as a “liberal” (as if it implies something sinister or anti-religion). I do not believe in being indifferent or staying in shadows due to criticism because I believe in bringing change however I can. If we are always worrying about what reception we will have due to our words or actions, I am afraid we won’t be moving forwards on any level.

Q-What do you think, a good writer is born with talent or it takes time to polish your ability?

Ans-This question is equivalent to “Nature vs Nurture” in my eyes, and it is a good one with strong arguments on both sides. Personally, speaking it took me time to muster courage to write my perspective and share it with others. I believe that with time, we can refine any skill we possess and continue to develop on it in future. Mistakes and experiences, show us an alternative path for development and self reflection. The more time we reflect on ourselves, the more we polish our talents and clear away a path to moving forwards and being better. Writers like artists are continuously adapting and being creative as it takes time for them to learn their weak spots and space for improvement, Hope this answers the question.

Q-Is writer capable of bringing change in society?

Ans-Yes, writers are capable of being ambassadors of change. Writers are a part of mainstream society and through their words, they create an atmosphere for a dialogue where people can exchange ideas not only just on media or the social media but among people, when they ponder on the words that have meaning to them. Writers can pinpoint issues that others are hesitant to speak about and hence when there are enough people who care, action takes place or words give hope to others so that that people develop themselves for the better and move forwards with hope.

Q-Where do you share your write ups?

Ans-I share my write-ups on Instagram with the username: dances_with_daffodils.

Q-Do you think, for being a good writer It is necessary  to mingle up with  readers?

Ans-I do mingle with my readers, because their suggestions, appreciation and respect inspires me. A good writer is aware of the world but he/she keeps in touch with their peers too, as mingling can bring about new topics for discussion as this way, the writer connects to the society. The feedback can be a source for inspiration as it is for me.

Q- A message to the youngsters out there? Ans-My message to the youth is to keep on exploring realms of knowledge and art, when combined these are our human heritage that we pass on to others. Interact more socially as although the social media has put people closer, it has also created distances where we feel only comfortable talking rather than in person. The path to fulfilling dreams might seem rough but with courage and determination, I believe that we are capable of reaching beyond the stars.

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