Ayesha Talat,a teenage writer sharing her views. Interview with mahnur.s.stories


A writer is by nature a dreamer. The talented dreamer,18 years Ayesha Talat behind an amazing initiative Uraan sharing her views with mahnur.s.stories.

Q1 What is your age and tell us about your education?
 Ans-I am 18 years old and I am currently doing my fsc.

Q2 Who is your ideal writer?
Ans-I have so many. I honestly cannot name one. Umera Ahmed , Khaled Hosseini , Naseem hijazi and Hajra Masrur are my top favorites. I am a huge fan of Elif shafak , Rupi kaur , Chetan bhagat , Judith Mcnaught and the list goes on.

Q3 Why do you write?
Ans-I write because it is my escape. I feel like writing is like soul feeding ,it’s expressing yourself. I write because while writing I have no fear of the page judging me and I can totally be myself with my pen.

Q4 Do you think a writer is the backbone of the society?
Ans-Umm , to some extent yes, I am saying this because as far as I have seen people nowadays don’t read much they think it’s boring but obviously I am not generalizing it because I believe words can sometimes be very powerful and even if a single person gets inspired or motivated by your words , I think you’ve played your part.

Q5 What is your target when you are writing?
Ans-I want to inspire people. I want to write on the things that are considered taboo in the society because people need awareness. We don’t have knowledge about things and we set our own ideals while not knowing the purpose and the impacts of things. I want to bring a change through my words.

Q6 You have been writing on serious issues. What is your aim?
Ans-I want to spread awareness , firstly. Then , I think we should speak up for ourselves and for people who cannot speak up for themselves. We cannot keep ourselves in dark forever and we should be playing our parts however little it is.

Q7 Where do you write and where do you interact with people?
Ans-I have recently started a blog called ‘Uraan’ and I write on Facebook and Instagram with the same name. I mostly post my write ups on insta though.

Q8 As a citizen of Pakistan , where do you think we are lacking?
Ans-We lack the listening power. I am sorry if i sound a little rude here but we are not ready to listen to what others have to say. We just think about ourselves and believe in our own made up perceptions and spend our lifetime with that. We fear and don’t accept change. Secondly , we don’t keep ourselves close to God , this is why we lack patience and kindness.

Q9 A message to young writers.
Ans-Well ,I myself am an aspiring writer so I may not be very good with this but all I can say is be yourself. Have faith in yourself and believe in Allah. Make reading your habit because the more you read the more you are inspired by things around you and the more you think. Much love :”)

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