Proud Pakistani Ghazan Inayat, founder of ‘travel beautiful Pakistan’ sharing his views. Interview with mahnur.s.stories


Ghazan Inayat, started his blog Travel Beautiful Pakistan just to reveal the real irresistible picture of our country. Salute to this young man who is spreading hope among people who think there is nothing left in this country.


Q-Tell us about your initiative -travel beautiful Pakistan, what is/are your aim/s and target/s?

Ans- I started the initiative in 2015 as a hub where people could see every aspect of Pakistan as it is through the lens of local and foreign photographers. The idea is to portray the real Pakistan to the greater audience. It’s basically a counterweight to all the propaganda that Pakistan faces in the media.

Q-How you run your blog? 
Ans-Through #Travelbeautifulpakistan I have made the goal easy for myself by portraying Pakistan through the lens and experience of different people whom I’m proud to call members and photographers of this community. Anyone can participate and be featured by using the hashtag #travelbeautifulpakistan. I go through the hashtags each day and select the images that best portrays Pakistan and it’s people.

Q-Tell us about yourself what was the element in your personality that convinced you to start this blog?
 Ans-I am fond of hiking and travelling through the valleys of North Pakistan. Before starting this account, whenever I used to experience a new place, person or story while traveling in Pakistan, I would always wish people in the world could see such moments. Later on I thought about bringing together photographers from around Pakistan who could contribute to the goal of showing Pakistan, to the world, as it is so I made this account. I believe every traveler has a lot of stories which they wish the world would know and I’m glad that Travelbeautifulpakistan gives every photographer the opportunity to share Pakistan’s unexplored wonders, unheard stories and unseen faces. 

Q-What do you think about Pakistan-tourist points?

Ans-Pakistan is a diverse country. Home to many ancient cultures, vibrant colours and breathtaking landscapes. Pakistanis are known for their hospitality throughout the world.

Q- If you have to describe 5 provinces of Pakistan, how will you describe them in one word?

Ans-One word that comes to my mind that describes all the 5 provinces of Pakistan is ‘Chai’ because whenever you go, you will always be offered a cup of tea.

Q-What do you think as a citizens where we are lacking?

Ans-As citizens, we Pakistanis lack cleanliness. Some of the most naturally rich areas are polluted by wastage leftover by tourists. The environment must be protected and it’s the citizen’s individual duty to protect it and raise awareness through educating others.

Q-Are you a proud Pakistani?

Ans-Yes i’m a proud Pakistani.

Q-Your message to all the social-media users?

Ans-My message to social media users is “No matter how small we are, we can always have a huge impact.”

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