Inspirational teenager working for humanity. Maryam Rasheed sharing her views. Interview with mahnur.s.stories.


Q1- What is your age and education status? What motivates you to become a part of this organization?

Ans-I am nineteen years old and currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. What inspires me to be a part of any social cause or an organization concerned with social welfare is a firm belief in philanthropism. When I first learnt about Darsgah being initiated by The Green Revolution, I couldn’t help but think that this was a golden opportunity which was undoubtedly aiming to bring about educational reform by not only providing free education for all but also quality education. Belonging to a humanitarian field, I have always wanted to minimize the negativities of our society and education is one of the fundamental routes that must be taken in the course of doing so. Therefore, our objectives coincided and the people at the organization were kind enough to allow me to contribute

Q2- Tell us about the idea that is behind your organization.

Ans-This organization is called ‘The Green Revolution’. It has been operational for the past four years, founded on 23rd March 2012. Our mission is to promote and highlight the talent that is untapped within the youth of Pakistan and to channelise their potential and abilities in order to create a better society, to particularly bring forth undiscovered skills that people of this country possess. We believe this will be beneficial for us as a community and help us prosper in all aspects. Other than that, social welfare is the second most important focus.

Q3- You have different centres at different points of city Karachi. How the organization operates these centres?

Ans-We have several domains at different locations namely north nazimabad,gulshan iqbal,north karachi,nazimabad which are controlled by our team heads . Students are taught at these organizations regardless of their status,race,religion and age. A few members are assigned to each specific domain and subjects and classes are chosen by the teachers(team members) as per their ease.

Q4- Please share the idea of the conference that was arranged in Sukkur by Your team?

Ans-It was a one day motivational and soft skills conference that included training sessions and musical aid to learning. Joined to that, musicians from Karachi went to Sukkur along with us and conducted a concert. It is till date, the largest academic gathering in the history of Sukkur, and we received an overwhelming response. The idea was to expand TGR outside the boundaries of Karachi, and work with social setups that require our services more. It was a breath taking, successful and highly beneficial adventure for all of us, in terms of expansion and learning.

Q5- How many total members are there in the organization and what is the pattern of your actions?

Ans-We are a team of 36 members. People belonging to different universities, schools and colleges.

Q6- How do you collect funds? And exactly what kind of help your team needs?

Ans-In order to finance our projects, we conduct several motivational and educational conferences, seminars, workshops and entertainment programs all over Karachi in different institutions and also privately. Funds generated through these events are then utilized for our projects and social welfare activities. For Darsgah, one of the main difficulties we are currently facing is of reaching children who may be interested in benefiting from this program.
Hence, the support we need is help from the society in connecting us with them.

Q7- Message to all the people of your age?

Ans-I have just finished reading a book called “Tuesdays with Morrie” written by Mitch Albom. He writes about his life’s greatest lessons he learnt from one of his college professors Morrie Schwartz. One of the things he said that I couldn’t help but think about is this and I quote; “So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep even when they’re doing things they think are important. This

is because they’re chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, to your community around you, and towards creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

This is what I want all of us to at least try and accomplish, be aware of the surroundings in every way possible. Question it, find out the answers and analyze all of them before believing in them. What is the point of leading a life that teaches you nothing and you make no use of your time in this world. Make no difference? There is a fine line between realism and pessimism I believe, let’s try and see this world in a more real light and not the negative one.

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