Transgender community need us. Here is a simple solution. Group of students from Asro-Help To Keep Hopes Alive- visited transgenders and successfully started their project ‘Every Life Matters’.


”Spiky thorns all around my way. Yet my heart never narrate this torment. Smirking and dancing I make up & walk on. This is my life, an agony!”

Colourful yet the darkest part of our society. Yes, I am discussing transgender community.
A transgender is someone who is disowned by this senile society and not just society even their blood relations do not like keeping a bond with them. As for everyone they are valueless and fruitless creatures of God Almighty.

I always wanted to catch up with this community and help them in growing & living ‘normal life’. I along with my team Asro-help to keep hopes alive (an oganization run by group of students,aim for the betterment of society) went to meher-abadi, Islamabad to meet them. We were hosted by the very kind Bijli and Roshni (two transgenders).There they invited 30 + more trans friends. We had very good and quality discussion on the community’s setbacks.

When I came back from this staggering session, I settled down and started thinking about their lives, problems and solutions. I was amazed when I concluded all their stories and was finally came to some solution. Yes, that solution surprised me. What I used to think and plan was totally opposite to what now I have in my mind.
In just one meeting my viewpoint on this issue was entirely changed.

Bijli baji (a transgender) told me,”All we need is ‘respect’. The more people disrespect us the more we welcome sins, to be honest these ‘unpleasant activities’ are not our need this is our revenge, our anger. Only if people start respecting us all our problems will come to mighty full-stop. We want respect. We want this society to accept us the way we are. Just because they are born normal, they can do anything without any fear?!” She ended her plea with question.

This question hit me so badly. I always wanted to devise awareness programs for them. But now before arranging something for them, I strongly aim, we sorely need to arrange seminars in our schools,colleges,universities and offices in order to educate people that we have to respect them as much as we respect each other. Our one offensive word trigger them so badly and they end up harming themselves.
To build shelter homes, opening special schools for them, these all are important and we have to work on these but main solution is ‘to give them respect and accept them’. We need to spread this among our people that stop being their masters and help them as a friend.

I as a project director of  ‘Every Life Matter’, now consider it my crucial mission to organise such type of  seminars to guide our people that how important it is to respect transgenders and accept them as a members of this society.  Asro-help to keep hopes alive, will keep this mission up but if we want change we need to do this on larger scale and for this everyone has to play their part. So, are you ready?

If you do not consider it as an important matter then really are you sure that a trans baby can never be born in you family? How?

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