Phool Patti, Pride of Pakistan. Founder of Phool Patti Ali Salman Anchan Sharing his views. Interview with mahnur.s.stories


I am Ali Salman Anchan, founder and creative director of this project. The idea behind the project was to create importance and awareness of this beautiful art form, which is only being created in Pakistan. It is unique to Pakistan and truly symbolic of Pakistani culture. I am determined to bring this art into the mainstream and give it the recognition it so richly deserves. I have worked for several years in close association with the master craftsmen, the truck painters and other folk artists, to capture their art with style and take it global.

Q- Tell us all about phool Patti? 

Phool Patti is a Social Enterprise and social  entrepreneur  dedicated to promote Pakistani Truck Art around the world. It is a brainchild of a team of enthusiast and patriots that work towards revolutionising art and highlighting the positive face of Pakistan.
The idea behind creating this project was to promote peace and cultural fusion. We (Team) travel around different parts of the world like USA, England, some European countries, Turkey , India etc with a message of love and peace in an artist  way.

Q- How this org work and what are you aims? 

As I told you is  social enterprise and social entrepreneur project  every team  own this project  itself.
Started this project with Haider Ali who is also CEO and Head Truck artist one most amazing, most talent artis
t  And Mr Mumtaz Ahmed director.
We core members,our aim is to promote this art around the world and make people aware of its uniqueness and
practicality. We intend to spread awareness by holding exhibitions and conducting classes globally and in Pakistan so
that people living in other countries can understand this unique art work.

Q- Through all this journey any memorable moment? 
There is a lot memorable moment thought in our journey we feel proud of. We also closely work with different Consulate and Embassy in Pakistan and also Pakistan embassies around the world. We did a lot amazing project in Pakistan and around the world
 Painted a lot walls and bridge in Karachi and we proud we you see truck art related idea we started that we trendsetter either you see restaurant , culture exchange , creative home decor , hand carry, shoes ,khussa ,  Laugages. , exhibition , workshop ,lecture in different part of world working a lot fusion designer locally and Internationally ,and most of idea you see around you  rela

ted truck art  we are behind it.UNSCO also knowledge as Creative entrepreneur project and this all memorable achievement and best part its pride to represented Pakistan this most wonderful feeling

Q-How do you contact with people? 

Simple.via email, Facebook or other social network Make plan for different client send them with idea and presentation.Some client/people contact us thought our email or social network

Q-Through this initiative how you can bring change? 

I believe that changing already stated. There are lots of  people who are  inspired by our work and started a  truck art related businesses.
With our initiative many people  realise  how potential this art is and they creating a lots of  jobs and many people interested to learn this art.
We also working hard with other local art fusion , idea and Incorporate a lot thing in it and sure our project inspired more people and more positive change will.come inshaAllah
Q-What do you think as a citizen of Pakistan where we are lacking?
Pakistan a amazing country with strong heritage and culture, and blessed with
Indus Civilization:
Gandhara Civilization:
Islamic Period:
Sikh Period:
British Period:
Post independence Period
Culture folk, traditional,music  heritage with modern art and style,beautiful landscapes and all seasons in short we blessed by GOD
We have proudly own our thing and support our own artist and people
Respect and knowledge our own people and real life hero’s
Who inspire there hard to make our proud.
Q-Any message to youth of Pakistan?
There is no shortcut in life  hard work is the mantra to enduring success in life. Do your best hardship in every struggle and you will earn success moments always in life.

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