A brief history of Panama Verdict in Pakistan


Pakistan, the country itself is as much unpredictable as it’s inhabitants. Mere 70 years of independence and we have successfully executed plans pretty perilous and obviously audacious than most countries in the world. Such as, despite being a democratic state we went under martial law thrice in just, seventy years long tenure or like we hung our sitting prime minister even when the trial was prominently biased. Or sometimes our Prime Minister doesn’t let his appointed Chief of Army Staff to land safely in his own country, while at times chiefs initiate a coup to secure democracy, ironically. Well, the history is long and wounds seem still fresh. So let’s move ahead.

July 28, was a historic day in it’s on way. Once again a Prime Minister was asked to leave office before time. Not to forget that, not a single Prime minister of Pakistan had been fortunate enough to complete his allotted time i.e five years of governance. No matter how much diaphanous this fact sounds, we can’t simply ignore the reality of characteristic inadequacy of all the people who made their ways to the office of PM.
Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Shareef, who claims to be the son of an eminent and exceptionally rich businessman is the chief of Pakistan Muslim league, a party which was dismissed for the third time after it’s existence, on last Friday. The tale of it’s dismissal, begins right after PANAMA PAPERS came on surface. The leaks showed many businessmen, politicians, gangsters and celebrities owning million dollars worthy properties throughout the world. It’s Hustle wasn’t audible in Pakistan alone, but rather entire world seems to listen it’s symphony and that too quiet attentively. Prime Minister of Great Britain resigned from his office, following inquiry of his assets. President South Korea was taken into custody and forced to resign, in order to hold trial against her flabbergasted wealth. And the list goes on.

Similarly in Pakistan people started question the astonishing wealth and sum of international businesses which shareef family run. Governing a third world country and owning billion dollars certainly raised many questions. But what happened next was unusually surprising. Suddenly, everyone started talking about and Mayfair flats and NESCOM n’ NESCOL properties in no time. Things which even Panama failed to mention started coming out. Whole country seems to be in a funny state of turmoil. No one was certain about, how to counter shareefs though. After all, it’s quiet absurd to think about justice in a country where rules and regulations are just preached to a poor lad. Not much progressive, but circumstances surely were getting comical. When the seat of Prime minister became iron throne is still a question to ponder. But without any doubt Imran Khan was eager then Jon snow to take it for himself. He asked PM and his family to declare his assets on the floor of house or parliament. Quiet obviously Nawaz Shareef failed in either displaying his all assets or in gaining confidence of opposition. So Khan, threatened to take matter to Supreme Court, country’s most prestigious court. After a brief exchange of dialogues and countless foul tantrums, mostly by our railway minister and defense minister, who for record don’t even know that where in Pakistan is Parachinar located, provoked Imran Khan to announce his epic Dharna movement for once again.
Lose a lion but do not provoke Imran Khan to call for Dharna. He’s real good at it. Read it twice if you don’t get my point. Well before there was any Dharna at all, the resistance was there. Government failed to stable the situation and used force against supporters of Tehreek e insaf. As per detail, here’s a very bold example of Pm’s ability to negotiate properly for a solution, and by the way he was our foreign minister too. So help yourself in joining dots, you’re smart enough. Anyway, before there was any lock down in fedral capital, or situation like D-chowk all again, PML N agreed to take matter to Supreme Court.
The trial began, as expected tension was rising with every hearing. Battle between media groups were also gaining incredible momentum. That’s when a letter from Qatar emir, Sheikh hammad bin jasim knocked the door, as soon as investigation kicked off. But the only assistance it ends up providing was, exposing Shareefs worst than before.At last the day oh judgement came. but it looked more like once again Pakistanis were played on, just this time by Supreme Court. 2 out of 5 judges disqualified prime minister and rest 3 asked for the formation of a Joint Investigation team. Surprisingly khan was happy and so was Prime Minister nawaz shareef, while the only people who didn’t know what’s happening were the supporters of both parties.
Well the time passed and JIT stated working, fog started to fade and things began to get clearer than before. Every Minister of the state now attend trial, quiet regularly. Even when all of them were bestowed with grave responsibility of running state. From the pocket sqares of khawaja asif to the constant deniability of maryam Aurangzeb, the house shareef’s started to fall as quickly as house of cards. What remain unchanged was Khan’s ray ban squad and shah mehmoud’s iconic way to talk. The day was long predicted by many strong hearts, though untraceable by even more, finally approached. Supreme Court chose the holy day of Friday to give the final verdict according to the report presented by JIT. What happened next was history. For the first time in Pakistan, a Prime Minister was disqualified because he lied about his assets. For the first time in Pakistan a powerful office holder was asked to quit because he isn’t able and worthy. For the first time in Pakistan the PEOPLE of Pakistan realized of what they are actually capable of, if united. Justice was served in it’s true essence.
Khan’s journey to office hasn’t end yet, but unlike jon snow he seems to know alot, And the people of Pakistan just took tiny little step toward taking Pakistan a step ahead. There’s a lot to do yet, and the task which lay in front is precarious then that which is achieved. One thing is certain; Pakistanis are finally feeling this odd sense of accountability stronger than ever. Let’s roar in the name of Pakistan, for nothing matters more than this piece of land.

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