Adeel Asghar,Keen Young Writer Sharing His Views


Q- Why do you write and since when you are writing?
Ans: There are certain things which you can’t explain and share with anyone so that’s why I write them out. Some people consider them fiction and others understand. It’s been 5 years now.

Q-How do you frame this ‘you need a certain amount of nerve to be a writer”?

Ans: No, I don’t think so. Being a writer, you only have to understand the things that are not acceptable by many. You just need to be calm and focus on what you’re thinking of writing. Just set your goal and start.
Q-What kind of topics set off your pen?
Ans: Not specific topics, I particularly go for things that happen in daily routine. Because your readers want to read what they are suffering from. They relate those things and appreciate. All you need to do is to understand what people what and what you’re delivering.
You words must match the sense of readers. Grab their attention and make them feel like it’s written for them.

Q-What do you think, a good writer is born with talent or it takes time to polish your ability?
Ans: Everyone is born with some talent, and what makes you groom is your dedication and passion. No one can be winner with out practising. Polish yourself. Appreciate criticism and work.
Good work leads you to glory.

Q-Is writer capable of bringing change in society?
Ans: I think being proud Pakistani national, we’ve to admit that writers bring positive change in our society. If Iqbal were not a writer or poet and couldn’t feel the pain of Muslims then how would we be living in free state of Pakistan?
They first call writers mad and then they appreciate their theory and vision.

Q-Where do you share your write ups?

Ans: I used to share write ups on my Facebook pages and website
As I’m working on a book, I’ve removed most of the content but still people have my stuff as their ‘cover photos’ on Facebook.

Q-Do you think, for being a good writer It is necessary  to mingle
up with  readers?
Ans: Write what you feel like writing and then mingle with your readers, because they tell you the pros and cons in your words. Sometimes your readers give an idea of new topic unintentionally.

Q- A message to the youngsters out there?

Ans: Everyone out there reading above questions should not worry about the things that are not going in their favour. They should be calm and peace loving. All I want to say them is to be sure when they choose any field. Life is always fair, all you need to do is to never stop learning. As The Great Muhammad Ali said “I never lost a match, I either won or learned a lesson”.

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