Interview: Young writer Myra Rana making her mark


Q-What is your age and what makes you good writer? 
Ans- Hi! my age is 17 and I don’t really think that there is anything that would make me a “good writer ” I’ve always written what came to my mind.What bothered me .What I felt like people could connect to.The only thing about my writing is that it’s all true,there’s nothing sugar coated,there’s no jury to judge. It’s all me.

Q-Tell us about your journey from a hidden writer to a confident girl who now shares her views publicly.

Ans- Growing up I never really knew that I could write.I always was fascinated by my grandfathers they always used to have their journals and books in order.I started writing when I was 15 I wrote in secret but my.sister Ayeza helped me a lot. Groomed me.motivated me and to her I’m forever in debt.

Q-What do you think, a good writer is born with talent or with time the abilities are polished?

Ans-I believe that we’re all born with a gift. Some of us paint ,draw and   write . We all have our ways to.cope with.pain . Every person is gifted by birth time and situations bring them out.

Q-What do you think what role society plays in bringing up good writers?

Ans-Society ,I’d say is the main asset ,the main key to success. At a very young age we’re all called names , said to be low, brought down so the society is the key that opens the lock.

Q-How do you frame this,’Scariest moment is always just before you start”?Ans-Scariest moment is always just before the start because you feel so scared that you’re going out to the world with your heart and your mind and asking them to judge you as a person and as a  writer. It wasn’t easy for me at all. I was brought down by a lot of friends,if they even were.

Q-Your favourite writer? Ans-My favourite writer is Jennifer Niven. Faiz Ahmed Faiz And Walt Witmann

Q- What do you think are you born writer or made? Ans-Haha,this is a hard question, um,I think a born writer because ever since a little kid I wrote stories. Even though I burned them because well… but a made writer too

Q-Is youth directionless? If so then where is the direction?Ans-To be very honest,Our youth is lost, all of us are trying so hard to be someone we’re not ,we’ve lost ourselves, our uniqueness , we’re constantly changing, change indeed is good but the rate at what we’re moving is drastic. The direction lies in the truth and the right

Q-As a citizen of Pakistan what do you think where we are lacking?Ans-As a citizen of Pakistan I believe we lack confidence to lift our voice.The mere fear of ” loug kiya kahen gay” has left us in shackles .We need to wake up before it’s too late

Q-Message to your readers.

Ans- The only message to my readers is .PLEASE don’t be someone’s you’re not just because you want to fit in. The.original is expensive , first copies aren’t even half the.price.

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