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Interview with ms.stories
Q-Tell us about yourself and this initiative called ‘miss chatter’?
Miss Chatter is something I hadn’t planned. It was the most spontaneous thing I have done. I am really proud of it.

Q- You are making videos, some great videos! but how these videos can be of any help to Pakistan & what else you have planned for this platform?
The idea behind the first mini-series ‘Love letters to my country’ was simply to showcase the beauties of Pakistan that the world needs to know. I feel the media does not portray a complete picture of Pakistan. Each of my Vlog showcase a different aspect of live in the country e.g. village life, city life, investment opportunities, folk music etc. Each video has a theme that sheds light on a topic from my perspective.

Q-Do you think, with your videos the positive and the real side of Pakistan is in the air?

It’s my personal perspective which is one of many. Some might have a different view of Pakistan.

Q-Do you agree on, today’s youth is confused and does not know the real direction’? if so Why?

I disagree, I believe that today’s youth is the most knowledgeable  and intellectually empowered generation to date, primarily because they have the entire world’s knowledge at the palm of their hand with cell-phones and other devices. Of course, our youth does need to act more responsibly with these abilities, but with some time and patience I am sure you will see a positive transformation.

Q-You seem to be obsessed with areas all over in Punjab, will you be coming out of Punjab and showing other provinces of country?

You have to understand I don’t have a budget allocated from a production house to produce these Vlogs. I started off from what was near and easy for me. Hopefully I will eventually venture out to other places in Pakistan and capture the full essence of my country through my vlogs.

Q-Do you think social media is much stronger mode than television?

Social media has a stronger connection with millennials. Social media allows you to have the freedom to produce anything and share it with a huge audience with little cost.

Q-Who suggested you this name ‘miss chatter’?

The word Chatter in the English language refers to someone who talk informally about matters. In urban context it refers to someone who speaks (Chats) a lot, therefore the name just applied to my personality perfectly.

Q-What do you think,what is the role of these social media activist?

I really don’t consider myself a social media activist or anything closer. I am just a girl with a vision. Therefore won’t be the right person to ask this.

Q-What do you think what is the real ingredient that is missing in our media nowadays ?

I am not a journalist so I cannot comment with a lot of confidence or credibility on the standard of journalism in our media these days, but I feel that competence can always be improved – as a journalist I believe you are responsible to provide you reader with information that will enable to form true judgement of events.

Q-As a mature citizen of this country what do think where we are lacking?

I think we are lacking confidence in ourselves and our fellow countrymen – so much of the corruption that happens in our society is because we do not believe that the system run by our countrymen can help us achieve our objectives without bending the rules – if we start trusting and believing in each other over time, we might see positive change being gradually embedded into our daily lives in Pakistan.

Q-Message to our followers?

I want to tell all my followers that I am more than honored to be in this position and am overwhelmed by the immense support and love you have shown. Keep it up!

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