Maham Amir and her ecstatic journey


Q-Tell us how you entered into showbiz world?
Ans: I was only 9 months old when I did my first tv commercial and since then everyone knew I was a drama queen haha! well then I completed my studies and thought I should give it a chance , started auditioning and got a chance in a theatre play by Mr Shah Sharabeel called *You only marry twice* where a director from a renown channel saw me and offered me a character in one of his projects, so from there on wards I never looked back and and started working hard each day to achieve what I wanted to..

Q- What is your definition of ‘a good actor’?
Ans: I think when somebody makes themselves believable , when somebody hears you sing and they say :”oh that must have happened to her, that’s when you know you are transmitting , good actor is one who makes you feel and believe !!

Q- What do you think, Is there anyway you changed after getting into this field?
Ans I think change is the only thing which is constant , people keep changing its human nature .Yes, I have changed in many things . Atleast I’ve learned to stay calm on sets when I’m actually angry , I guess that’s a change.

Q-Tell us about your hobbies other than acting?
Ans: I love listening to music and watching TV when I get sometime to myself ! I don’t know, if that’s a hobby.

Q- Did you plan to be an actor or its just pathway you had to follow?
Ans: I really didn’t plan , but I knew this was something I want it to do.It’s my passion , I enjoy what I do and there are very few people who Love their work. So I guess, I’m lucky , and even if I get a chance to re-do my life will chose the same profession , over and over again ..

Q- You have done a lot of different roles, but Mitro was very different from all your roles.Tell us about your experience brining up Mitro.
Ans: MITRO!!! Oh man this was one of my favourite characters ,I enjoyed it a lot !! As much as I was confused to play Mitro I was happy that I got a chance to do something different than what I was doing , people were against it ,they said it was stupid of me to do such character while I was already playing a lead heroine. I learned a lot , and obviously the credit also goes to the people who believed in me that I could do it.

Q- What kind of script attracts you?
Ans: Any story where I see a margin to perform.

Q-That one role, which is reason of your success?
Ans: I just started , I feel there are many roles and opportunities waiting for me

Q-What do you think about Pakistan film industry?
Ans: Nothing is perfect , but , there’s always a room to get better.We have talented writers, directors, technicians, actors etc , I don’t really think we lack on something .Our dramas are famous not only in Pakistan but in our neighbouring countries too , but our film industry is in the phase of revival ,if we start working on better scripts nobody will be able to stop us !!

Q-What if you get an offer from Bollywood, Your reaction?
Ans: I never thought about it , although my family calls me *Bollywood* haha, but if I get an offer then why not , Art has no boundaries but yes I’ll still see and take my time to decide if the character is interesting.

Q-Message to your fans?
Ans: Believe in yourself , Be positive, this life is too short to waste so make yourself happy and make others happy

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