Voice Of New Generation. Writer Afnan Tassawar sharing his views


Q- Describe the relation you have with your pen?
Ans:My pen ,my words apart from my passion  give me a way to express my feelings and my thoughts ,like an artist puts up his/her ideas on canvas.

Q-Since when you are writing and what type of topics activate your pen?
Ans:I started writing in high school ,my most active topics are linked to mother nature and human nature.

Q-Where you share your write ups?
Ans:I have a group at Facebook by the name of “Quotes n’folks” and my Instagram account by the name of afnantassawar.

Q-What do you think, what is the difference between person with pen and person without?
Ans:A person with a pen tends to practice his/her thoughts in words , learning while reading them it induces not just a spirit of learning ,but also a freedom of expression .Those who don’t have a pen ,are deficient from a way to learn themselves and fear to express themselves.

Q-According to you What a writer can do to his/her generation?
Ans: A writer can use his/her power of words to bring up a strong influence in his own capacity, open minds ,allow people to explore their thoughts in a broad sense even if its a small audience it’s a big deal .

Q-Do you think, for being a good writer It is necessary  to mingle up with  readers?
Ans: I don’t thins its much necessary because each writer has his/her own way ,their own direction of thoughts .But to learn ,to explore ,to know how somethings can be  expressed differently as to what we thought of is needed . Learning is an ongoing process in life not just a matter of being extremely social can an influence ,it might bring up masses of audience though .

Q-What do you see in today’s generation?
Ans: I see many gems of potential in this generation ,hidden and suppressed broken , depressed because they see no trust around them, they see no hope ,they only see insecurities.We can free that potential for a better tomorrow through our sincere support in our utmost capacity, mentoring them.

Q-As being mature citizen of Pakistan what do you think where we are lacking?
Ans: We lack individuality and practicality.

Q- Message to your readers?
Ans: My message is care for those who truly care for you , spread affection even if you feel you were hurt.Don’t let anyone feel the same way,knowing how it feels. Serve humanity, make your religious faith strong because pure peace lies in your good deeds and strong faith.The world is cruel out there ,that does not mean you need to be the part of the crued standout for the sake goodness ,kindness and justice .


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