PTCL, MCI and Rescue 1122 organized Fire Safety Drill Exercise & Awareness Session in Islamabad


Islamabad – 8th August, 2018: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), in collaboration with Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) and Rescue 1122, organized Fire Safety Drill Exercise & Awareness Session, which was organized at PTCL Headquarters, Islamabad, as a part of PTCL Safety Drive.

An orderly drill was executed where all the PTCL employees, including the top management, participated wholeheartedly. Following the fire alarms, which were sounded on all floors, to evacuate the employees from PTCL HQ building and gather them at the pre-designated assembly points.

The local fire brigade and ambulance promptly responded. PTCL employees actively participated in the drill exercise and were trained to operate the fire extinguisher. The Awareness Session was about safety protocols and response to fire emergency, which holds a pivotal importance for safer working premises.


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