Friday, December 14, 2018
President PPP Sindh Nisar Khoro is a politician from Sindh and former Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh. He was appointed party's Presidency for Sindh in October, 2016. He has been caught enjoying Mujra in a Private Party. Watch...
At least 5 dead, many injured in Quetta blast Video:
Jews attacked al-Aqsa Mosque Watch Video:
A huge security lapse.....All credit goes to the security guard who was brave enough to close the gate and remain there bare handed. However the constable on top of the church reportedly is the 2nd to be credited for...
Last Video of Zafir Before murde-red By Khawar Burney Watch Video:
Car accidents in Saudi Arab killed approx. 9000 people, 12 percent of the total number of the 70,000 fatalities in the Kingdom in that year, with an average of over 25 deaths a day and one death an hour....
What will happen to the United States? watch this video:
Rawalpindi: Dacoits snatched Rs 2 million in cash and injured one person. Dacoits opened fire and injured that person before fleeing on motorcycle. This incident happened near 6th road Rawalpindi in broad day light. Watch Video:
A woman who was forced to walk naked down a street in Harlem in the middle of winter while being filmed by her jealous ex-boyfriend burst into tears on the stand on Monday as jurors watched the footage in...
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan attackers live streamed this video of Peshawar attack back to their commanders in Afghanistan. This confirms that the Peshawar Attack 2017 was personally supervised by Tehreek-e-Taliban high command in Afghanistan. Watch Video: